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"Big law firm experience with small law firm efficiency" appropriately sums up the customized legal services that Savage, Yeates & Waldron, PC offers businesses and corporations in Utah, throughout the Intermountain West and the United States. Clients of Savage, Yeates & Waldron, PC know that a lawyer worth retaining needs to be ready to aggressively defend their interests by going to trial, as our attorneys regularly do.

Environmental Law, Intellectual Property, Antitrust, Securities Fraud Defense

Contact Us to schedule a consultation regarding any business or civil matter regarding natural resources, railroad matters, environmental law, intellectual property, contract disputes, noncompete agreements, antitrust matters, securities fraud, products liability and employment law.

Like Having In-House Counsel in Utah

Businesses and corporations who do not have their own in-house counsel often seek the assistance of Savage, Yeates & Waldron, PC. Our extensive experience in areas such as water rights and our experience with Utah courts, judges and juries is a valuable resource for those companies based outside of the state who have litigation pending in Utah, Local counsel is an essential aspect of any case.

International Clients Are Welcome

Savage, Yeates & Waldron, PC is equipped to handle litigation involving foreign businesses and corporations. Our clients have included German-speaking and Russian-speaking businesses. Whether from Salt Lake City, from across the nation or from abroad, our clients know that Savage, Yeates & Waldron, PC will aggressively represent their interests. Call or email the law firm to schedule a consultation regarding any business litigation matter.